Global Footprint

The largest and longest-running rolling company in the United States, Republic Brands relies on a worldwide network of growers, processors, and manufacturing along with our stateside sales, service, and distribution capabilities – that’s what we call From Plant To Puff.

Production Locations

Republic Brands’ ultramodern production locations are in five countries — the United States, Canada, France, Spain and Austria.

Perpignan, France

The Perpignan plant is the world’s largest rolling paper production factory, with an annual production capacity of well over 1 billion booklets. All brands of cigarette paper booklets are manufactured here, then distributed to more than 100 countries through a dedicated logistics platform near Perpignan airport.

Barcelona, Spain

The Productos Tecnológicos Catalanes (PTC) location manufactures filter-tips in resealable bags, along with specialty items including rolls and cardboard tips.

Fürstenfeld, Austria

The Fürstenfeld plant harnesses cutting-edge technology to efficiently manufacture filtered cigarette tubes and filter-tips for international distribution.

Montreal, Canada

The TOP Tubes plant manufactures Regular, King Size and 100mm filtered cigarette tubes using the latest production equipment, with products distributed across the North American market.

Lake Waccamaw, USA

Located in North Carolina, the Lake Waccamaw plant harnesses the latest processing technology to produce RYO and MYO products and pipe tobaccos that are distributed across the United States.