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Republic Brands by the Book

With people and resources spanning the globe, Republic Brands leads the roll-your-own and make-your-own category.









Republic Brands is the category leader in rolling products with a rich history, track record of innovations, and dynamic portfolio that includes the most iconic brands in the roll-your-own and make-your-own category.

This family-owned company with its 200-year-old legacy is known for pioneering natural acacia gum plus product innovations such as sustainable bamboo, hemp and flax fiber for papers and cones.

Republic Brands combines old-world artisan quality with modern sensibilities to bring consumers the best experience from plant to puff.

Republic Brands has a wide-ranging, far-reaching distribution network making our products readily available in all 50 United States. With seven manufacturing facilities across North America and Europe that distribute all over the world.

Learn more about our brands including products and accessories in the Roll Your Own – including rolling papers and filters – and Make Your Own – including cigarette tubes and cigarette injectors.