Our Brands

Our iconic portfolio of brands is rooted in tradition, sustainability and craftsmanship—sharing a 200-year legacy of the best rolling experiences for adult consumers across the United States and the rest of the world. See more in our Product Handbook.

Papers & Cones

Crafted by French artisans. Sourced ethically from sustainable, earth-friendly growers. Organic hemp sourced from Champagne, France. The only bamboo papers and rice papers in the United States.


The leading manufacturer of tubes in the United States and supplier to the world, our tubes are made in ISO and GMP certified facilities to ensure consistency and quality in every box.


Still family-owned and operated in the United States, our tobacco blends are ethically grown and sourced to uphold the highest standards for the best experience in Roll Your Own and Make Your Own.


Our portfolio of Roll Your Own and Make Your Own accessories are among the first and still the best in class.

Make Your Own Injectors

Make Your Own Machines