A Modern Take on the Time-Honored Tradition of Rolling Your Own Marijuana Cigarettes

Life moves pretty fast these days. Between family, friends and today’s “always-on” work culture, it can be hard to carve out time for ourselves. And in that context, the mainstreaming of cannabis legalization comes at an important time.

Indeed, along with the ubiquity of the internet and the proliferation of smartphones, one of the most profound cultural shifts in the 21st century has been the widening acceptance of legal cannabis and its cultural metamorphosis from the days of Reefer Madness. These days, consumers commonly utilize legal cannabis as a wellness tool, as part of holistic self-care regimens, and as an agent for enhancing lived experiences.

Beyond the ability to legally roll your own cannabis without the fear of losing social capital, or your job or your housing (for the most part), legalization offers cannabis consumers the opportunity to put the hyperspeed information era on pause. It offers the chance to look away from a screen, to take a few minutes for themselves, and to calmly roll up a legal marijuana cigarette for a few moments of peaceful repose. 

But the widening acceptance of legal marijuana and the growing number of consumers looking to roll their own legal cannabis cigarettes aren’t the only things that have been changing in the roll-your-own landscape lately. Consumer preferences towards rolling-paper components and manufacturing practices have been changing, as well.

Modern Cannabis Consumers Are More Discerning and Values-Driven Than Ever

Modern consumers are increasingly interested in rolling papers made with natural ingredients that don’t compromise their health or well-being. Similarly, a growing base of consumers now prefer rolling papers that are manufactured with sustainable practices that don’t compromise the health or well-being of the planet. 

Natural ingredients such as acacia gum adhesive and sustainable practices have long been at the forefront for Republic Brands. And in recent years, we’ve been adding to our lineup of rolling papers produced with natural, ethically sourced materials and manufactured with environmentally responsible methods.

Republic Brands’ umbrella of rolling paper brands includes OCB, with lines of sustainable, bleach-and-dye-free papers and cones that are made from bamboo and organic hemp fibers, as well as responsibly-sourced wood. Also in the Republic family are the historic JOB brand with its commitment to sustainable practices and centuries-old legacy of consumer satisfaction, and the counterculture touchstone E-Z Wider, a favorite among legal cannabis consumers.

Our North America-based division and European affiliates are committed to ensuring the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and our business practices reflect those values. We operate under an environmental policy that aims to use sustainable materials and reduce our carbon footprint through various tactics, such as optimizing unit volume and reducing packaging.

How Legalization Creates New Market Opportunities

Legal cannabis flower remains the most popular cannabis product on the market—and, since flower preserves terpenes and cannabinoids lost in the extraction processes to make edibles and oils, cannabis flower offers the full spectrum of benefits for conscientious consumers.

Cannabis consumers know that the practical advantages of reaching for rolling papers rather than a vape or pipe are many: Rolling papers represent a microscopic fraction of the cost of a high-end vaporizer. Rolling papers never run out of batteries, and rolling papers will never set off a metal detector at an airport or sporting event. (And in some regions, even to this day, cigarette-rolling tools are still a rare find.) 

At almost any gathering, being able to handcraft your own rolled legal cannabis cigarette is an envied skill set. A finely rolled legal marijuana cigarette is aesthetically pleasing and fits into all stages of the modern-day lifestyle. Similar to starting each morning with coffee, there’s also something to be said for the pre-consumption ritual of grinding the flower and portioning it for individual or shared use, and the accoutrements of a well-prepared legal cannabis consumer. 

The tradition of rolling your own marijuana cigarettes, the popularity of legal cannabis flower and the expanding regulated cannabis marketplace underscore big sales opportunities for savvy retailers in legal cannabis markets.