Conscientious Consumers Want to Know How Their Rolling Papers Are Made

If there’s one thing legal cannabis consumers don’t lack in this day and age, it’s choice. And while fast-fashion, single-use plastics and abundant food waste are still part of that choice-choked narrative, more and more, consumers are making conscientious, environmentally friendly decisions regarding where they spend their money. 

Eight-in-ten Americans report modifying at least one behavior—like reducing food waste—in order to be more environmentally friendly. Similarly, a report published by Statista demonstrated that nearly 90% of respondents would buy a product with a “social environmental benefit.” That same survey also showed that nearly the same number of people would boycott a brand for irresponsible business actions.  

For these reasons and so many more, it’s more important than ever for businesses to engage with partners they can trust. From product safety to ethical sourcing, here are the ways we at Republic Brands ensure trust, quality and sustainability across the entire supply chain. 

How Our Rolling Papers are Made: From the Raw Material Up

Rolling paper ingredients can include a variety of materials: wood, hemp, bamboo, flax. Nothing groundbreaking there. But for a variety of reasons, many, many rolling paper companies try to hide their sourcing and processing procedures from consumers and partners. We do the opposite. A casual glance at any of the dedicated websites for our brands—Job, OCB, Swan and more—shows exactly what each paper and tip is composed of, from the raw material to what’s NOT in our papers (harsh chemicals, dyes or GMOs). 

Today, as climate change ravages our planet, we believe businesses have a responsibility to engage in ethical practices wherever possible. And for us, that means starting with our natural, raw goods. We abide by the United Nations’ Global Compact across our many operations in several countries. Essentially, the Global Compact mandates that we align with the following universal principles: 

  • To support a precautionary approach when facing issues that might have an environmental impact
  • To undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility
  • To encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies

In addition, we take great care to use biodegradable chemicals, reduce carbon emissions, leverage renewable energy sources wherever feasible, reduce waste, and to work with partners who share our commitment to protecting the environment. 

These commitments mean our raw materials—hemp, wood pulp, bamboo, acacia gum and more—as well as our rolling paper manufacturing process are as environmentally friendly as possible, offering peace of mind for consumers and our partners. We source only what we trust—and we pass that commitment down the supply chain. 

Ethics Extend Across Our Business

Our group stretches across oceans, cultures and demographics. Our production facilities alone can be found in the United States, France, Spain, Austria and Canada. 

That means we put special emphasis on an agreed-upon code of business ethics that ensures quality of product, consumer safety and transparency. These 14 guidelines span every department, sector and individual at Republic Brands, covering everything from our anti-money-laundering stance to our commitment to quality, human rights, legal trade, fair competition, environmental protection and financial transparency.  

Quality Rolling Paper Manufacturing Processes and Transparent Management Systems Translate to Consumer Trust

Even the most well-intentioned business with thought-out environmental practices, supply-chain integrity and trustworthy partners could face serious trouble if its product doesn’t measure up to consumer expectations. 

At Republic Brands, our iconic stable of brands—Job, OCB, Zig Zag, Top, Swan, Gambler, Rolling, Altesse—are household names for a reason. Well, for a few reasons. But chief among them? Across decades and generations, these products have rightly maintained their reputation for excellent, consistent quality. We pride ourselves not just on our sustainable sourcing, ethical business practices and long-standing relationships but also on the quality of each and every rolling paper. No matter where consumers are in the world, when they use one of our rolling papers or pre-roll cones, it will be the high-quality, slow-burning, smooth-tasting experience they’ve learned to trust. 

At Republic Brands, we stand behind our products and take immense pride in the health, breadth and ethics of our supply chain. For more information on our group and our commitments to quality and ethical business practices, please contact us

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