Paper Products

A smoke doesn’t have to be “just a smoke.” With the right rolling papers, it can be a transcendental experience.

This is why Republic Brands has dedicated itself to producing and distributing the best rolling paper products possible—papers made from all-natural ingredients, that burn slow and don’t impart any unwanted flavor. Your customers know what they want: Get the good news on all of our roll-your-own products, including the legacy JOB and OCB rolling paper brands.


Our legacy rolling paper brand JOB got its start in the South of France, all the way back in 1849. With close cultural ties to the art world’s European sophistication, as well as the down-to-earth enjoyment of everyday smokers, JOB suits every taste with a large selection of paper styles that are made using traditional techniques and a level of craftsmanship worthy of the “Made in France” seal of quality.


OCB brings a deep tradition of unparalleled quality to its rolling papers that feature all-natural ingredients, always. With plant fibers from bamboo, hemp and flax, as well as vegetarian, GMO-free Acacia gum adhesive, these rolling papers burn slower, last longer and never fall apart, providing a reliable and relaxing smoke, every time. It’s all part of the OCB plant-to-puff promise that comes from a legacy of French artisan tradition, tracing back six generations.

E-Z Wider®

Just like its memorable name implies, E-Z Wider takes all-natural, finely made rolling papers one step further by making each of them wider, longer and easier to roll. This extra room makes for an incredibly clean, even and flavorful burn, all while offering up more choice in the size and shape of one’s perfect smoke. Inspired by the 1960s classic film Easy Rider, this brand is a favorite among the counterculture underground of DIY hand-rollers.


Zany, colorful, memorable, fun. These are just a few of the words that are used to describe Joker rolling papers. What can’t be overlooked is how reliable, even-burning and slow-smoking these roll-your-own treasures really are. Developed by Bob Stiller, the innovative entrepreneur behind the E-Z Wider brand, Joker taps into a long line of greatness, making it a beloved go-to paper for both longtime and beginner rollers alike.


The legendary Parisian favorite Abadie is coming back into prominence as an unparalleled rolling paper—and rightfully so. For years, these niche papers have been made in France with a lasting attention to detail, quality and perfection. With an interleaved construction pattern that is all about convenience, Abadie papers burn smoother, making them the go-to choice for aficionados around the world.


TOP® is one of the world’s top rolling paper brands, and it’s not just a catchy name. For years, TOP® has been making some of the best quality papers, which pair perfectly with its equally great smoking tobacco. Across America and the entire globe, TOP® remains one of the ultimate go-to rolling paper and tobacco combos for consumers who enjoy a simple, affordable and flavorful roll-your-own experience.